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Desert Moon Dancers -
UMBRA Theatrical Gothic Bellydance

ONYXtribal, Castle Hill -
"...a beautiful journey in dance..."

Indra Bellydance -
Throughout time, the common denominator of the belly dance has been women. It’s women who love this dance and in the end, will keep it alive.

Cinnamon Twist School of Bellydance, Wollongong NSW

Hands, Heart & Feet -
Joy through Drum & Dance

Amera's Palace -
•  We have the longest running Belly Dance Site in Australiasia
•  We generate traffic of more than half a million hits a month
•  We have a high Industry Profile in the International & Local Belly Dance Community and beyond!

Eastern Dreaming -
Online Bellydance Boutique, Bedding, Bling & Bags. Free Postage within Australia, Natalie Bradford: Ph: 0438 474 535

tribal belly -
Diverse range of authentic tribal belly dance wear & accessories.

Sydney Middle Eastern Dance Festival -
An Annual festival of exciting events & fabulous performers.

Tribal & Trance Festival -
A bi-annual 3 day event of workshops, entertainment, all day soiree performances & markets

Patmanjari Handicrafts -
Tribal Jewellery, Handicrafts, Wall Hangings

Mind Body Spirit Festival -
Love your Mind, Love your Body, Love your Spirit

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