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All new experiences can be daunting & Middle Eastern dance classes are no exception.
Whether you're commencing the journey, continuing your journey in a new class, or new experiences in your existing class, every step taken towards your goal, is another step towards feeling confident & comfortable with yourself & your accomplishments. Encouragement is beneficial to progress.. Achievement is its own reward. Be patient with yourself!

  Eye contact is an important part of communication, even in dance. Eyes to the floor denotes uncertainty & in some cases, fear, & can draw unwanted attention from an audience.
A showbiz trick is to close your eyes for a fast count of five, then open them with a wide smile - this will mask your 'spotlight moment' (frozen moment) & encourage you to enjoy your experience. Practise promotes comfort.
Whether you’re performing a solo or as part of a troupe, the quality of your performance depends on your attitude towards yourself.

Middle Eastern dance (*belly dance) is a varied & diverse art form with many health benefits. Apart from the exercise & fitness approach, it is also instrumental in promoting self-confidence, goal achievement & provides both social & creative outlets.
The dance itself was formulated by women for women, as a means of support, camaraderie & celebration, which is still in practise today.
With the invention of costuming in the late 1890's, to suit the serpent-like undulations of the Parisian side-show dancers, the dance has developed into a performance-based art & has evolved to promote a continuing array of styles.
Dance your dance for you & celebrate yourself!  
*belly dance: Beledi/Baladi dance

A comfortable, relaxed & proud posture with *soft knees, is valuable to dance as it promotes confidence & comfort with what you are doing.
.Stand with feet hip-width apart; gently push the chest forward using the muscles just under the shoulder blades, which squares & relaxes the shoulders, opens the chest & diaphragm for easier breathing & improves posture;  
.Arms at the sides, elbows slightly curved, graceful relaxed hands;
.Gently tuck the pelvis forward, which softens the knees.. contract (pull-in) the lower abdominal muscles, which relaxes the lower-back muscles & strengthens the abdominal, pelvic & pelvic-floor muscles.
*soft knees: unlocked, not fully bent, holding the body-weight in the quadriceps muscles.

Sensuality defined, is a natural connection to the senses. In dance, it is a natural Rite-of-Passage for a woman to explore her own sensuality & to dance for her own enjoyment, without fear. Both music & dance are *evocative instruments of communication – celebrate yourself through dance & enjoy the experience!
*evocative:  emotion-producing.

To eliminate 'red-eye' production in photos, try the following:-
.place a dot in the inner corner of the eye, either stick-on or make-up pencil;
.use a light/neutral colour eye-shadow on the top, in the inner corner & bottom lids. It's basically 'painting the inner corner' -  this also enhances the eye & iris colour.
These methods cause the 'flash' to bounce off the eye.

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